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Armoton maa (2017)
Year, country:
Jussi Hiltunen
Ville Virtanen, Antti Holma, Mikko Neuvonen
1h 26min
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Working on the border of Finland and Sweden in the harsh conditions of eternal winter is very difficult to maintain a good-natured attitude to life and its turns, especially if your job is to fight crime. An elderly policeman who has gathered in retirement has real storms and not only natural storms in his arsenal of experience. The way relations between children and parents develop, between politicians and corrupt officials, the law and the criminal world, such cataclysms sometimes flare up that it seems that there is nothing more to expect from life.
But this sophisticated policeman does not realize that fate has prepared him a fascinating adventure. The illegitimate son of the hero leaves prison, and to say that they are not like their father is not to say anything. A cherry fell from the apple tree and rolled into the sunset.
Now the protagonist is faced with the most important task, his whole life was devoted to the fight against crime, but can he now persecute his own child? In addition, the offspring piously believes that it was his father who planted him for the first time.
The last and most important thing in the life of an elderly policeman was built in the style of a criminal thriller, with the characteristics of a western.
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