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Favorites Cook Up a Storm (2017)

Cook Up a Storm (2017) HD
Cook Up a Storm (2017)
Year, country:
Wai Man Yip
Nicholas Tse, You Ge, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong
1h 37min
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A fascinating and very original film tells the viewer a truly tasty story about the culinary battles and life's vicissitudes that develop around the two main characters ...
At the epicenter of events is a conflict that has long arisen between two chefs in Hong Kong. One of them is a real magician of the street kitchen, who works real miracles in his diner using a knife, a frying pan, meat, seasonings and incredible talent. The other is a chef working in a Michelin-starred restaurant, located just near the eatery itself. This guy is also a true master of his craft and can cook a real exquisite dish that can deliver a gastronomic orgasm even to the most demanding gourmet. It's time to resolve a professional dispute. This will occur in front of millions of viewers. Live on the famous TV show called “Iron Chef” is a serious step! Here you need to give everything to the full and show skill in all its colors. However, the couple still do not know that an absolutely unexpected surprise awaits them. When they reach the final, they will have to face their common worst enemy. Who is this man and what will men do?
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