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Favorites One Under the Sun (2017)

One Under the Sun (2017) HD
One Under the Sun (2017)
Year, country:
Vincent Tran, Riyaana Hartley
Pooja Batra, Ava Cantrell, Gene Farber
1h 41min
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In the film "United under the Sun", the Secret Mission for the Study of Mars was unsuccessful, and only a female cosmonaut named Katherine Voss was left alive from the entire crew. She not only managed to save her life, but also returned to Earth, where her little daughter is looking forward to her. However, the government seeks to keep the failed expedition a secret, therefore it decides to protect the heroine from communication with her own child and close people. Brave Catherine is going to what it wouldn’t be possible for her to meet with the baby, however, she’s going to achieve her cherished dream very difficult. While she is at a closed government base under the clock supervision of the military and intelligence agents, but desperately looking for a way to escape to freedom. However, it soon becomes the center of attention of scientists, who noticed that after a long and tragically ended space journey, a woman gained supernatural power, which should be carefully studied from the point of view of its possible use in real life.
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