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Favorites Forced to Kill (2017)

Forced to Kill (2017)
Year, country:
Paul Makkos
Steve Crest, Sonalii Castillo, Tarek Bishara
1h 31min
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The plot of the film “Forced Murder” is the story of a young woman who had to pay for the sins of her husband. Once their family was friendly and happy, but their passion for gambling led to the fact that the man owed a lot of money to serious people. Now Joshua owes his bookmaker Alexander more than he can win or earn, and the latter decides to take advantage of the difficult financial situation of the former client.

The unsuccessful player is offered to kill a young guy in exchange for forgiveness of the debt, and from hopelessness the hero agreed. But despite all the efforts, the man was not ready to take the life of another person, so his wife Valerie should finish the job and save the family from persecution. The cunning bookmaker found a lever of pressure on a young woman - he kidnaps their little daughter, and promises to return her only after the murder. Former housewife from Los Angeles begins to plan a brutal murder, overcoming a pity to an unknown young man who must become an innocent victim ...

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