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Favorites The Art of Us (2017)

The Art of Us (2017)
Year, country:
Kristoffer Tabori
Taylor Cole, Steve Lund, Brenda Crichlow
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Young and very pretty brunette Hartley Hickins teaches art history to students. The woman also helps to organize various exhibitions of famous artists. Colleagues Martin and Browning are very pleased with her work. Only Hartley does not have enough time to draw herself, and this annoys the woman a little. She believes that she buried her creative beginning. One day, when Hickins hurried to a lecture, she accidentally ran into a young guy on the street who introduced himself as Tom Baker.

As described in the film "The Art of Our Souls," Hartley sometimes does not have time to walk his little dog Linton. A woman in a cafe saw an announcement that one person offered such services. She called and this man happened to be Tom. Baker has recently fought in hot spots. Then after the injury the guy resigned. While he is just getting used to the ordinary life, therefore, he is mostly interrupted by odd jobs. When Tom was in the hospital, doctors for psychotherapy advised him to paint. The guy liked this activity and Baker spends all his free time near the easel. His more experienced friend Frank advises Tom to show his paintings to a specialist. This man was Hartley.