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Bitter Harvest (2017)
Year, country:
George Mendeluk
Samantha Barks, Terence Stamp, Aneurin Barnard, Max Irons,
103 min/episode
The Soviet Union, hungry and tragic 1933. The hereditary Cossack Yuri was not accustomed to retreat before difficulties, but this time he was in a situation in which nothing depends on him. He met a wonderful girl named Natalka, and soon a tender and touching romance begins for young people. The heroes of the film "The Devil's Harvest" sincerely love each other and dream of a happy future, but beloved did not even imagine that their hopes will not soon come true.
The lives of the heroes, their relatives and fellow villagers completely change after the subdivisions of the Red Army invaded their native village. The new government begins repressions against the local population, and soon the future of many people becomes very vague. The misfortune for the misfortune strikes Yuri's family, and soon the industrious and good-natured peasants turn into victims of cruel treatment. There are terrible repressions that will take away the lives of millions of innocent people. Stalin's terror destroyed families and almost destroyed the whole country, but the feelings of Natalka and Yury even after years remain the same ...