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Favorites Chokeslam (2016)

Chokeslam (2016)
Year, country:
Robert Cuffley
Chris Marquette, Amanda Crew
1h 42min
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The main character of the film "The Choking Reception" could not forget his first and only love. Cory Svenson is a thirty-year old bachelor who works in a food store. In the evening, only a caring mother is waiting for him. The guy is good-natured, and this is enjoyed by many, including his friends. One of them even tries to rob a store, knowing that he will get away with it. Once, Kori's measured life is disturbed by the news of the arrival in the city of Shiny DiWald. It was this girl who once rejected his offer for the sake of a big city and a sports career. In her life everything turned out. A former girlfriend is a wrestling star. In sporting circles, she is called "Mashina" and is considered invincible. In Svenson's life, everything turns around. He makes an attempt to come closer. But the modest Cory and the fatal beauty, which even the men are afraid of, the couple, obviously, unsuitable. Therefore, to the true lover, after ten years it is necessary to change the opinion of oneself around and the girl, without which he does not think his life. Here, only, is it possible?
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