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Home for Christmas (2017)
Year, country:
Gary Harvey
Catherine Bell, Victor Webster, Matreya Fedor,
1h 24min
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The outgoing year was not easy for the heroine of the film "Home on Christmas". Lizzie Richfield broke up with her lover and lost her job. Boyfriend Jake was going to make an offer, but the girl realized that she can not reciprocate and interrupted the relationship. And the company, where she worked for several years, closed right before the holidays. Employees were paid additional bonuses, but the general mood of the prize did not improve much.
Now Lizzie wants to plunge into Christmas and spend time with the family. Mom advises also to look for a job for the soul, work, albeit temporary, but suitable in all respects. Sister Lizzy, Megan, works as a realtor and prepares for sale one of the most expensive houses in the district. This is an old mansion belonging to the Marley family. Their grandmother Pippa - arrogant and uncommunicative person, who does not want to move. However, grandchildren believe that an older woman should live closer to them in Washington.
Megan suggests Lizzie to become the manager in the mansion and start preparing for the annual ball.
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