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Favorites My Daughter Is Missing (2017)

My Daughter Is Missing (2017)
Year, country:
Tamar Halpern
Miranda Raison, Emmett J Scanlan,
1h 27min
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Loving mothers can do anything to save their children from mortal danger, especially if they, moreover, have serious knowledge and abilities. She lived a woman named Sarah. In the past, she was a successful and daring hacker who cracked more than a dozen of hard-to-reach, secret places. As is often the case, over time, she retrained as a cyber security expert. The heroine has a beloved daughter, and life goes very calmly and measuredly. One day, the heroine traveled to Belgrade for a conference on Internet security and various cyber crimes. While she was at a regular lecture, unknown persons kidnapped her daughter and university friend. Sarah is in a panic: how could this happen ?! She soon finds out that what happened is the work of a Serbian criminal trafficking syndicate that thrives in this region. The lady immediately rushes headlong into her own investigation, making every effort, professional connections and knowledge, in order to save loved ones from the terrible fate. Will she reach the villains before it is too late, considering that she has to rely only on her strength and wit ...
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