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Some Freaks (2016) HD
Some Freaks (2016)
Year, country:
Ian MacAllister McDonald
Thomas Mann, Marin Ireland, Elise Hudson
1h 37min
Full movie comedy, drama, romance Some Freaks (2016) online free in FreeMovies4k.org
Comedy "Three Freaks" shows the life of three losers of the school. Communication with them began not immediately, only after several coincidences of fate. Metta has problems with appearance, he does not have one eye and is forced to wear a bandage. Metta is called a Cyclops at school, which brings only moral suffering. Jill has problems with weight, she is slightly full, ugly and does not fit into the ideal of the school.
Fate brings these two together, when in a biology lesson for the laboratory it is necessary to break into pairs. Mett and Jill are left without a pair and there is no way out, how to unite together. Only then did they first talk with each other and realized that they had much in common. Constant mockery among classmates, bullying, this can not be confronted alone. But later they are joined by another such outcast - Elmo. He is gay and does not hide it at all. Mett and Elmo are friends for a long time, and Matt decides to introduce him to Jill. There are feelings between Mett and Jill, and Elmo commits a terrible act. After that, the friendship of the guys comes to an end.