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Churchill (2017)
Year, country:
Jonathan Teplitzky
Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson, John Slattery
1h 45min
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During the Second World War, Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of Britain. He carefully thought out the plan of his rule by the country, and therefore earned great respect among the British population. During the war years, Churchill showed himself to be a brave and cunning politician, with his accelerated development plan for the country, people began to live more quietly and richer. In the battles with the Germans, the British won, thanks to the Prime Minister's strategy. Soon all the representatives of the allied countries convened in Normandy, who fought the fascists. Churchill developed a new strategy, in which, if the Allies are treated correctly, they can together open the Western Front, and later win the war altogether. However, none of the politicians supported the prime minister, moreover, his strategy was criticized from all sides. Time does not wait, but while the allied countries are conferring, in the fields and in the cities people are dying. Winston Churchill decides to go to the end and convince the allies to agree with his theory and make all concessions to win in World War II and permanently destroy the enemies, pushing them away from their own territory. Their decisions were expected by millions of people, hoping for a happy ending for their own lives.