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Favorites Tramps (2016)

Tramps (2016)
Year, country:
Adam Leon
Callum Turner, Grace Van Patten, Michal Vondel
1h 22min
Tramps (2016) watch full movie comedy, drama online in HD - free movie on freemovies4k.org
The plot of this movie will take you to modern New York. For the sake of an impressive amount of money, a girl named Ellie decides to take a risky deal. The main character meets Danny, along with whom she has to pick up a certain suitcase from the agreed place and pay money for it. Then they need to deliver the goods to their destination, and then transfer them to a specific person. Neither Danny nor Ellie knows what is in the suitcase, and why it is so valuable to their mysterious employers. They start having problems when the wrong person gets the suitcase by mistake ...
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