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Favorites The Bad Kids (2017)

The Bad Kids (2017)
Year, country:
Ben Browder
Sammi Hanratty, Colby Arps, Sophia Ali
1h 40min
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The events of the movie take place in an elite academy, in which children from wealthy families or very clever children study. The main character is a girl named Suzy, who is different from all students in an educational institution. But she has to attend classes here with a sister named Alison. But Susie could not get used to this academy, and the people who study here. One party, arranged by the students of the educational institution, ends for the heroine with big problems. Her sister is found dead on the hood of a car that belonged to the director. But all the students began to say that the girl committed suicide. But Suzy didn’t believe it, so she set about investigating this case. One day, the heroine and her friend Ben are punished for bad behavior, and they are left on Saturday at the academy. Terrible and incomprehensible things started happening to the guys here.