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Naked (2017)
Year, country:
Michael Tiddes
Regina Hall, Neil Brown Jr.,Marlon Wayans, Dennis Haysbert
96 min/episode
  There is a theory that a person can get into a temporary loop, getting out of it can be extremely difficult. The poor man returns to his original place at a certain time every day. Black American Rob (Marlon Wayans) got into this situation under especially adverse circumstances.

  The young guy had a pretty good life. He had a decent job with an acceptable salary. In his personal life, pleasant changes were planned. Rob met the lovely girl Megan and soon they will have a solemn wedding. Finally, the wedding date is set, which should take place in Charlton.

  On the eve of this day, Rob was naturally very nervous. After some hesitation, as described in the movie "Naked", the young man decided to go with a friend in the bar to relax a little. The next morning the groom woke up completely naked in the elevator car. Rob does not remember at all what was in the evening. Now you need to find clothes at any cost and have time for your own wedding. At the cost of incredible efforts the guy can do it, but then he again gets into the elevator in the same unattractive form. Rob must come out of this temporary trap.
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