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Favorites 1:54 (2017)

1:54 (2017) HD
1:54 (2017)
Year, country:
Yan England
Antoine Olivier Pilon, Sophie Nélisse, Lou-Pascal Tremblay
1h 46min
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brings to the surface the difficult problem of confronting all the existing troubles and difficult circumstances in the lives of people with special goals in front of them.

Let Tim is only 16 years old, but many coaches say that he has great prospects for becoming a famous and successful athlete. The protagonist of the dramatic film 1:54 (2016) is engaged in athletics and making great strides. The guy has great physique and great talent.

If you continue to watch the movie online on our website, you will understand that even if the guy has a chance to become successful and he is great, but the pressure on him from all sides turns out to be too pushy and big. Tim suffers from negative external factors that prevent him from opening up and becoming successful. The guy does not have the strength to resist properly all that happens to him in life. He has to live through a complex series of tests, the consequences of which are devastating for his future career. Will he be able to reach the goal and get into people, or will the teenager simply not have enough strength for it?