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Rememory (2017)
Year, country:
Mark Palansky
Peter Dinklage, Anton Yelchin, Julia Ormond,
111 min/episode
  All people have memories. Of course, over the years they become more and more blurred and unclear. In the film "Remember again" appeared the brilliant scientist Gordon Dunn. He was able to extract memories from the person's head, and then record them on a special device. Then everything can be viewed on the monitor. Gordon worked for the corporation "Kordeks". The device was presented. Right after that, Dunne was shot in his office. Police Inspector Mike Bukland begins an investigation.
  Once a dwarf Sam Bloom was drinking at the bar with his brother Dash. Returning home, they were in an accident. Their car collided with the car of Dr. Dunn, who was traveling with his wife Carolyn and daughter Jane. Everyone was seriously injured. Dash and Jane were killed. Since then, Sam is invisibly associated with Gordon. When he died, Bloom decided to find the killer himself. The scientist had a mistress of Wendy Folk. Gordon recorded her memories and the woman did not like the fact that Dunn found out about some men in her life. Assistant scientist Todd is also offended at his patron. Once the guy committed a terrible act, which now thanks to the device everyone knows. The representative of the "Cordeka" Robert Lawton in general is a very self-interested person. All of them could kill Gordon. Watch Rememory (2017) online free in HD quality on freemovies4k.org
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