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Favorites The Horse Dancer (2017)

The Horse Dancer (2017)
Year, country:
Joel Paul Reisig
Richard Karn, Jason London, Sophie Bolen
1h 54min
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A talented, but a little selfish Samantha Vic is engaged in gymnastics. The girl wants to get into the Olympic team. The coach believes that Samantha lacks a little team spirit. Finally, Vic gets a letter from the federation. The girl lives with her mother and grandmother. It was the latter, in her own time, also showed hope in the sport. Therefore, Samantha wants to print a message with her grandmother. As described in the movie "Dancing on a Horse," suddenly there was no invitation in the letter. Of course, Samantha was upset, although in the depths of her soul she didn’t like gymnastics in its pure form. Just fifteen, Vic wanted to make a nice grandmother.

An elderly woman foresaw that this was possible. She bought Samante a ticket to the Black River girl camp in advance. He was once organized by the distinguished Mrs. Dee. Girls of different classes live in groups and learn to ride a horse. Stewards Michael and Jessica meet counselors Lisa and Thecy. Then come the rest. Girls are taught to ride a horse and how to care for horses. After a while Samantha liked it very much. True, she soon learned that they want to close the camp for financial reasons. Then Vick organizes a horse show, using his gymnastic abilities.
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