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Favorites From Straight A's to XXX (2017)

From Straight A's to XXX (2017)
Year, country:
Vanessa Parise
Haley Pullos, Judd Nelson, Jessica Lu
87 min/episode
Miriam (Haley Pullos) is a college student, clever and beautiful, one of those for whom study is of great importance. The girl dreamed of the future, imagining how, after obtaining a diploma, she would try to achieve something good. The news that family problems have led to the fact that parents do not have the means to pay for her studies, finds the girl by surprise.

The time of payment is approaching, and all Miriam's thoughts are occupied by one, - where to get the money? The girl's family had not lived well before, but now it has become completely impoverished. Unexpectedly for herself, Miriam takes the bold decision to star in an adult porn film, replacing her real name with a pseudonym. From this moment the double life of the main heroine of the film begins. Shooting after shooting, the film after the film, and blinded by the shine of money the girl does not have time to recover, as it turns into a real porn star. Trying to hide his occupation, Miriam deceives his family and friends, fearing that one of them will know the truth and about her second "work" will become known. No matter how hard Miriam tried, she could not keep her secret.
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Soon behind the girl's back gossip began, and she became the object of close attention from users of social networks, who gladly "savor" the details of her personal life. Realizing what threatens her with such excessive curiosity of strangers, the girl decides to fight for respectful attitude to herself. The interview given by the media was that thanks to her new "work" she became an adherent of the ideas of feminism.

Her bold, but extremely reckless utterance instantly turned a confident position into something ephemeral, the negative consequences of which did not take long to wait. The situation goes out of control, and now the girl has to come up with some way to regain the reputation of a person who is worthy of respect.
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