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Morgan (2016)
Year, country:
Luke Scott
Toby Jones, Kate Mara, Anya Taylor Joy, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Chris Sullivan, Vinette Robinson, Michael Yare,
92 min /episode
In the film "Morgan" the employee of the company, which deals with the elimination of the consequences of various disasters, was sent on a business trip to one of the distant branches. Its existence is classified, so the work entrusted to the girl must also remain a secret. In the regional office, she has to find out the circumstances and determine the exact losses from the terrible accident that occurred the day before.
During the investigation, she learns that the tragedy was caused by a person whose demonstrative innocence and non-involvement in these events is just the result of the work of secret services. In the mysterious laboratory was created a creature whose appearance is quite consistent with an ordinary person. The company specialists managed to create an artificial mind and body, but soon their creation got out of control. A striking experiment, which at first seemed successful, led to an unexpectedly tragic consequence. And now the heroine must decide whether to leave alive an artificial creation or is it too big a threat to the rest of humanity? Watch free movie horror,mystery,sci-fi,2016 Morgan (2016) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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