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Favorites Brotherhood (2016)

Brotherhood (2016)
Year, country:
Noel Clarke
David Ajala, Noel Clarke, Tonia Sotiropoulou,
1h 44min
When the first part of this social drama came out, the audience was promised to show five more episodes. Over time, the story turned into a trilogy. "Brotherhood (2016)" movie is the final film of the entire series. Major events take place eight years after the final of the second part. The main character is the same Sam Peel, who managed to change his life. He no longer has a relationship to crime, goes to an ordinary job, lives with his wife and children. But Sam doesn’t succeed in finalizing the past. At the beginning of the film an attempt is made on his brother Royston. Realizing that in this way they tried to harm him, the hero soon becomes convinced of these conjectures: the unknown begin to threaten other relatives. Suspecting old acquaintances from Eastern Europe, Sam turns to Henry, a longtime police officer, for help. Together, they are trying to find intruders, because of which the life of Sam and his family is in danger. Men need to hurry: if they do not find out the truth in a few days, then trouble will happen. The film is more devoted to revenge, showing its disastrous consequences.
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