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Favorites Mississippi River Sharks (2017)

Mississippi River Sharks (2017)
Year, country:
Misty Talley
Anthony Barbier, Danny Cosmo, Miles Doleac
1h 25min
  Isaac Lachmann has experienced dark times in his life, and this period lasts the last ten years. Such a typical loser, the acting career of a hero goes to the bottom with all his dreams and hopes, while all his colleagues are becoming more successful day by day. Blind girlfriend of a young man with a dozen years threatens to quit. Even meetings with the family do not save the situation, relatives perceive Isaac as a complete disappointment. But ultimately, fate smiled at him, the young man starts a new romance and sets off with his passion to an exciting Mississippi rodeo.

But somehow there is no meeting on such a large busy river. Constantly someone or something swims nearby, making it difficult for the couple to fully enjoy each other. Ferries swim by, small boats, vacationers bathe, sharks slowly maneuver.

Stop sharks? How did these murderous machines end up in the river? It's one thing to meet cute fish in the sea, and quite another when they are having a bloody feast in the middle of a river. A group of volunteers is going to try to save the river and the city from an unusual invasion. Mississippi River Sharks (2017) Full Movie 2017 Watch Online Free. Mississippi River Sharks (2017) Online Free Movie Stream. Free Latest Popular Movies Online Watch on FreeMovies4K.org
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