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Hot Bot (2016) HD
Hot Bot (2016)
Year, country:
Michael Polish
Zack Pearlman, Doug Haley, Cynthia Kirchner
1h 26min
Full movie comedy, sci-fi Hot Bot (2016) online in FreeMovies4k.org
The German corporation "Hot-Bot", which specializes in the production of sex robots, does not stop trying to enter the much-desired American market. And at the moment, the creators want to surprise American investors with a new super-realistic model, whose sensors, reading the state of the body, can independently determine the degree of arousal of their owner. Based on the data obtained, the robot automatically begins to execute an algorithm suitable for this moment that has been previously incorporated into the program.
At one point, a report shot for American television right at the factory of Hot Bot, before entering television screens falls into the hands of a wealthy politician who decides to become the very first American to own a unique sex toy, paying for a chosen model busty blonde half a million dollars. But things did not go as he had planned, and during the delivery, held in the strictest secrecy, the robot managed to escape.
At this time, two typical teenage loser, Limus and Leonard, who are the general ridicule for classmates and are absolutely not popular with girls, returning home after a work shift in a local poor eatery, accidentally knock down a naked girl, and then decide to take the poor thing home. The two blockheads at that moment were completely unaware that they had become the happy owners of a unique prototype. But an angry senator, unable to accept the disappearance of an expensive toy, sends his best people to look for him.
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