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Favorites The Trust (2016)

The Trust (2016) HD
The Trust (2016)
Year, country:
Alex Brewer Benjamin Brewer
Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood, Sky Ferreira
1h 32min
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The action of the television series takes place in the Italian capital in the seventies of the twentieth century. The criminals kidnap the grandson of billionaire Jean Paul Getty, appointing an unprecedented ransom for him. The kidnappers think that the oil tycoon’s family will do anything to save a teenager. However, the Getty family is not in a hurry to pay money. Rome's police are also inactive, doing nothing; the multi-million ransom amount seems to the police authorities nothing more than a joke. Who in their right mind would require such a huge payout? The series Trust 1 season online for free 2018.

Jean-Paul himself, the richest man in Europe, is too busy playing with his young mistresses, and also does not take the news of his grandchild's abduction seriously. His son, the father of an unfortunate teenager, has serious problems with drugs - the state of a man does not allow him, in principle, to evaluate the proposals adequately from criminals. In addition, he is in London, and the very thought of going to Rome seems to him impossible. And only the mother of the unfortunate guy is trying to save him, doing everything possible for that. But its financial capacity is limited, and the amount of the ransom is too large.

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