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Favorites The Other Side of the Door (2016)

The Other Side of the Door (2016) HD
The Other Side of the Door (2016)
Year, country:
Johannes Roberts
Sarah Wayne Callies,
96 min/episode
A trip to a distant country turned the life of a young family. Impressed by the beauty of local landscapes, they decide to stay and settle in a new place. A wonderful house, two wonderful kids - what else is needed for happiness. However, the idyll did not last long. The car accident and the death of little Oliver destroyed family harmony, and instead they sowed seal and grief. The once cozy house, whose walls remembered the fun and children's laughter, is now filled with tears and despair of an inconsolable mother. The colors of the world went out for her, and life lost its meaning. All she wanted was to see her son at least briefly and say goodbye to him.
In search of a way out, a woman finds a local shaman, who tells of the existence of an ancient, abandoned temple, whose gates are the transition from the world of the living to the realm of the dead. However, there is a warning that it is strictly forbidden to open these doors so that entities living in the afterlife cannot penetrate the real world.
But when an unhappy mother hears the voice of her dead son, she does not cope with the temptation to see him and opens the door. From this point on, life will no longer be the same, because the balance between the dead and the living is disturbed, and the otherworldly spirits who have arrived are eager for new deaths.
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