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Midnight Special (2016) HD
Midnight Special (2016)
Year, country:
Jeff Nichols
Kirsten Dunst, Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton,
112 min/episode
  Roy is the father of an unusual baby. By his eight years, Alton is not only a rather reasonable boy, but also possessing supernatural abilities frightening the rest of the people. It all began with an increased sensitivity to sunlight, which later developed into the boy’s unique abilities, which defy any explanation. But now Roy’s job is not to find out exactly what his son can do, but to prevent the boy from becoming a guinea pig. The family has recently been hunted by NSA experts, who have become aware of Alton's gift. Moreover, they are now being persecuted by members of the ancient religious cult, in which Roy was with his wife Sarah in the past. To protect the child from everything that is happening, the man turns to his old friend Lucas and together with him tries to smuggle the main character of the science fiction film “Special Midnight Edition” to a safe place. Everything is complicated by the fact that the baby really reacts too painfully to the sun - during the day he even wears special glasses so as not to injure the retina of the eyes. But the boy’s abilities look much more dangerous in this situation, because being afraid of his pursuers, he may well use his power, and in this case it is impossible to predict the consequences, and it’s likely that everything will end in global cataclysm. Will Roy and Lucas slip away from those who hunt them? Will Alton make something irreparable during this chase? Watch free movie action, drama, adventure, sci-fi Midnight Special online in FreeMovies4k.org
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