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Sonic Sea (2016) HD
Sonic Sea (2016)
Year, country:
Michelle Dougherty Daniel Hinerfeld
Kenneth C. Balcomb III, Christopher Clark, Jean-Michel Cousteau
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talks about the problem of noise pollution of the ocean today. Every year, they are increasingly beginning to use the vessel for the transport of passengers and cargo. Many shipping, drilling installations, military equipment and hydroacoustic stations are making a negative contribution now. Recent installations are quite often used to search for minerals. So there are circumstances that low-frequency sounds are very harmful to the inhabitants of the ocean. Dolphins, who actively use low frequencies to communicate with each other, are harmed the most. Indeed, over time, this harm will be addressed to our ancestors. After the intervention of people in the ocean, many underwater world suffered. Oil production and the constant crossing of dozens of ships cause such damage to the ocean that thousands of its inhabitants die every year. All this leads to very sad processes and the formation of dead zones in the ocean, where there is no oxygen and life. How exactly all these problems touch people in the future, can one watch a movie online.

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