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Favorites Aimy in a Cage (2016)

Aimy in a Cage (2016)
Year, country:
Hooroo Jackson
Crispin Glover, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Terry Moore
1h 19min
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Rebellion is in the blood of every adolescent - in order to become a person, at a transitional age, he has to contend with recognized authorities and defend the right to have his own point of view. The creators of the science fiction film "Amy in a Cage" claim that nothing will change after many decades.

Funny Aimee is accustomed to look at the surrounding life in her own way, and do not hesitate to speak out loud about what she does not like. And this is an obvious rebellion, with which in the “beautiful far” they are fighting in the most radical way. The girl will have to undergo an operation to change the consciousness in order to become “like everyone” - quiet and obedient. The most important thing to deprive Aimey of individuality as a result of compulsory treatment is the idea of her own relatives.

Will they be able to complete their savage plan? Or a smart Amy come up with something to counter parental violence? Perhaps the situation will change and external events. Indeed, in the high-tech world, it is completely restless: the most dangerous virus is rapidly spreading around the planet ...

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