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Favorites A Stand Up Guys (2016)

A Stand Up Guys (2016) SD
A Stand Up Guys (2016)
Year, country:
Mike Young
Danny A. Abeckaser, Annie Heise, Nick Cordero
1h 30min
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Los Angeles, our days. The elderly gangster Val, the hero of the movie “Real Guys”, after 28 years spent behind bars, leaves the walls of his cell. He has something to repent of, but even a cursory enumeration of sins is not enough even a day, and Val is in a hurry: he is waiting for freedom. And not only she - in the wild, his friend and accomplice, nicknamed Doc and the vengeful boss of local mafiosi, who has long wanted to settle with Val, is waiting for him. In a shootout thirty years ago, he killed his son, and now the boss is simply obliged to return the bullet to the killer.

However, the gangster and his accomplices know that the fatal shot was not necessarily made by Val, he just signed a confession and took the blame. Therefore, Doc, who is charged with shooting a friend before 10 o'clock the next day, hesitates and offers Val the last pleasures in life: a visit to a bar, to prostitutes and a dose of drugs. And then, when their third friend Hirsch joins their company, the friends call themselves real guys and suddenly decide to shake the old days and restore justice ...

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