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Favorites A Country Called Home (2015)

A Country Called Home (2015) SD
A Country Called Home (2015)
Year, country:
Anna Axster
Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis, Mary McCormack
1h 30min
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In the depths of her soul, 27-year-old Ellie considers herself a complete failure: she still has not managed to realize her innermost youthful dreams and goals. Moreover: after many years, the heroine of the film “Country called Home” feels that she no longer controls her own life and does not understand at all what to do next. Boring life, uninteresting exhausting work and selfish boyfriend, ignoring the needs of Ellie - all this deprived her of self-confidence and tomorrow.

The young woman feels lonely and realizes with horror that the years inevitably pass, leaving only emptiness and disappointment after herself. The usual schedule is forced to change when the heroine receives the sad news about the premature death of her father, who for many years abused alcohol and therefore stopped communicating with her daughter. Ellie goes to her native provincial town located in hot Texas. She will have to go through the funeral of the only person she has loved and realize with pain how much important things are irretrievably lost ...

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