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Favorites Blinky Bill The Movie (2016)

Blinky Bill The Movie (2016) HD
Blinky Bill The Movie (2016)
Year, country:
Deane Taylor
Billy Birmingham, Toni Collette, Charlotte Rose Hamlyn
1h 33min
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On the green continent called Australia lives a cheerful and resilient koala bear, whom everyone calls Blinky Bill. As described in the animated film "The Incredible Blinky Bill", his life is calm and carefree. But one thought did not give rest to the little bear. Once his father disappeared, who went to look for the mysterious Sea of White Dragons. It is said that this water space lies behind a large desert. And Blinky's father had a dream to find this sea. He went on the road, after that no one had heard anything about him.

Bear without hesitation decided to go in search of his parent. His friends, the platypus, marsupial mouse, kangaroo and girlfriend, a charming koala could not leave Blinky alone. They made him company in this journey. And the dangers of them lurked the most different from crocodiles, wild cats to people who wanted to catch Bill and his friends. But they often came to the aid of ostriches, on top of whom this company always left from the chase. But will it be possible for Blinky to find his missing father, while no one knows.

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