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Favorites Blood Orange (2016)

Blood Orange (2016)
Year, country:
Toby Tobias
Kacey Clarke, Iggy Pop, Antonio Magro
85 min
The events of the film "Blood Orange" take place in a secluded Spanish villa, where the aging rock musician Bill and his wife Isabelle live. The heavenly life of the heroes is disturbed by an uninvited guest - Lucas, who came from far away, the ex-lover and the former stepson of his wife. The young man is going to collect the debt - his father's inheritance, which Isabelle was deceived. In addition, Lucas is going to take revenge on a beautiful stepmother, telling the owner of the villa about her past.

Views of the inheritance - the only hope of an unemployed handsome man who has no other means, but who managed to get married. However, the former mistress is not in a hurry to return the misappropriated state, and Bill starts up a tricky game with visitors. He offers Lucas a rest at the villa, becomes his older friend and a good conversationalist, but the longer the confident guy stays with a rock musician, the greater the danger. Hopes that Isabel will “share” the inheritance, and Bill will remain a friend, are rapidly melting: the cunning spouses have already come up with a plan to get rid of the intrusive guest. Watch full movie Blood Orange (2016) online for free on FreeMovies4K.org
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