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Favorites Lake Eerie (2016)

Lake Eerie (2016) HD
Lake Eerie (2016)
Year, country:
Chris Majors
Lance Henriksen, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Betsy Baker,
1h 44min
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In the film “Lake Erie” misfortune came to the carefree life filled with happiness by Kate, the beloved spouse died suddenly, leaving the poor thing alone in the whole wide world. The inconsolable widow, having buried the closest person, experiences the strongest emotional disorder provoked by an unexpected loss.

After long-term treatment, the girl listens to the advice of psychologists and decides to move to a country house on Lake Erie, inherited by her. For forty years in a remote mansion there was not a soul, the building was very dilapidated, but the surrounding landscapes were very beautiful and pacifyingly influenced the wounded soul of the girl.

However, instead of the long-awaited rest, the new inhabitant of the old building received new stress, strange visions, terrifying dreams and complete devilry seemed to be like a heroine in a new place. At first, Kate blamed everything on hallucinations after taking the strongest antidepressants, but getting to the truth about the former owner of the mansion, a long-time archeologist, the heroine is no time for jokes.

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