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Favorites Black Tar Road (2016)

Black Tar Road (2016) HD
Black Tar Road (2016)
Year, country:
Amber Dawn Lee, Rob Brownstein
James Black, Maria Olsen, Leif Gantvoort,
1h 25min
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The name of the movie can also be translated as “Heroic Road” or “Tarmac Road”. The road from emptiness to hope. The film is a story full of harsh realism about a love between two useless single women, Heather and Charlie, who met in a deserted parking lot for trucks. Charlie McElroy is a hired smuggling drug trafficker; her next drug delivery operation should end at a federal truck stop. Racking around aimlessly at the completion of the operation in a nearby city, Charlie meets Heather Plat, a hardened prostitute looking for clients among truck drivers. Between the trips, Heather lives mostly in the countryside, where he will have to. It is difficult to find a more pessimistic film among the films of the year, and, however unusual it may sound, it is encouraging and therefore optimistic. The film claims that even at the end of the road, on the verge of despair, you can find comfort and hope by giving and accepting love. These two women found each other, became friends and fell in love with each other.

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