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Krampus Unleashed (2016) HD
Krampus Unleashed (2016)
Year, country:
Robert Conway
Caroline Lassetter, Bryson Holl, Amelia Brantley
90 min/episode
   You can not let out the ancient evil, languishing in anticipation of long centuries, until some kind of slob will not give him the will to recoup in public in full. However, this is exactly what happened with a group of irresponsible adventurers who love to search for all sorts of ancient treasures and precious artifacts. The guys did not think that certain things should remain buried - it’s better not to touch them, in order to avoid a global collapse. Our hapless heroes with the help of a stone found liberated the Christmas Devil named Krampus. How glad he is to this event! The monster so long dreamed of quenching the thirst of a universal scale - and now before him endless possibilities open up. This creature can be fed only with human blood. And he will come to everyone who has behaved badly this year. Fountains of blood, monstrous murders and violent cruelty - all of these are Crampus' faithful companions, unaware of pity, compassion and understanding. The unfortunate victims do not even have the slightest chance of saving their flesh-bound skins. But how to stop this demon in the flesh and prevent him from destroying everything around him? Watch horror Krampus Unleashed movie (2016) online free in HD |