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Favorites Born in China (2016)

Born in China (2016)
Year, country:
Chuan Lu
John Krasinski, Claire Keim, Xun Zhou
79 min
  In the pristine pure forests of mountain China, there live amazing animals, which are endangered by their beauty. Bamboo bear panda, Chinese snub-nosed monkey, snow leopard - they are all listed in the red book and survive in harsh wildlife conditions. The story of three rare representatives of the animal world, which protects its priceless posterity for the planet, is dedicated to this film.

The world premiere of a documentary film filmed by the filmmakers of three countries - the United States, China and Britain, took place on August 5, 2016. The film was directed by a talented representative of the Asian Film School, Lu Chuan, famous for the historical drama City of Life and Death (2009).

The script for the film was written with the participation of Brian Leith, who has extensive experience in creating unique projects about wildlife. His best series Air Force: The Planet of Men (2011) and the Air Force: The Greatest Phenomena of Nature (2009) have gained fame throughout the world.

Rare shots from the life of animals captured the cameras of five professional operators who successfully coped with their difficult, creative, and sometimes dangerous mission. Toothed and fluffy actors played, not falsely, and were convincing in the dialogues. Voice-overs, commenting on all the events of the film, the actors worked Zhou Xun and John Krasinsky.
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