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Zipper (2015)
Year, country:
Mora Stephens
Patrick Wilson, Lena Headey, Ray Winstone
103 min/episode
Politics is not an invention for simple people. Here you need to be a wild, toothy predator with an impeccable history to stay in business. Our hero is Zipper, an enviable father of the family with an excellent reputation for political affairs. He dreams of securing his city with all possible privileges, making it more honest and enjoyable for life. Good intentions should get a green light. And to recreate the plan, you only need to get an important post in the Senate.
But it's hard to create an honest city, especially if you have your own sins. "Lightning" fell on cute girls, hence the glue so stuck. But the love of the weaker sex is not the main vulnerability of the candidate. But the fact that he is ready to go to any action for the sake of the company next sexy lady, can become a huge stone on the path to the top of the career.
Will this weakness cause the failure of the election campaign? Will the hero be able to keep the zipper closed before the election is over? Or will he be able to turn his weakness into a trump card? Look in the movie "Zipper".
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