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Favorites Woman in Gold (2015)

Woman in Gold (2015)
Year, country:
Simon Curtis
Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Brühl
1h 44min
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"Woman in Gold" is an American-British drama film, a real story of an elderly American woman of Jewish origin who defends a family heritage.
The arrival of Hitlerite Nazis in Vienna Maria Altmann recalls with horror. The looting, looting and persecution of the Jewish community forced the wealthy family of the Altmanns to leave the homeland of their ancestors. Now an aged Mary, who became a resident of Los Angeles, keeps a small store and lives with memories. Among the papers of her late sister Louise, she finds documents indicating the whereabouts of family value - the famous portrait of her aunt known as the Golden Adele.
The picture selected by the Germans now adorns the Viennese Belvedere Gallery. Unfortunately, neither the art director of the latter, nor the Austrian Ministry to return the canvas is not going to. Restoring historical justice, Maria finds a young lawyer, a descendant of refugees from Austria. With the help of Randall Schoenberg, who at first takes a cool view of the client's offer, she hopes to return the Golden Adele.