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Wrecker (2015)
Year, country:
Micheal Bafaro
Anna Hutchison, Andrea Whitburn, Jennifer Koenig
83 min
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“The Pest” is a horror film from Canadian director Michael Bafaro. Starring Anna Hutchison and Andrea Whitber. Love chilling stories about chases and ghosts? Then be sure to pay attention to this movie.
Two friends, Emily and Leslie, had never been outside their hometown before. They had no opportunity, no reason, no desire to leave the cozy town in which all their happy life had passed. But one day the circumstances are such that the trains to the neighboring state become a necessity and the girls, taking the opportunity, decide on the road to fully enjoy the road adventures. They rent a small but reliable car and boldly hit the road, and do not even suspect that the innocent trip will soon turn into a real hell for them.
And this story begins from the moment when Emily, on the advice of the navigator, turns from a busy road onto a deserted road. But when the noise of the highway is far behind, the girls discover that they have got a mad fellow traveler. An unknown man on a truck invites girls to take part in his crazy fantasies and play a game, the main prize in which will be their life. This is how a harmless trip becomes a real test of strength and ability to survive. Will the city girls be able to cope with the rural maniac? Or are they destined to die somewhere in the outback, where their bodies may never even be found?