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Kill Game (2017)
Year, country:
Robert Mearns
Mouzam Makkar, Michael Galante, Laura Ashley Samuels
105 min/episode
One day a group of teenagers staged a silly joke at school. They decided to play one modest kid named Donald Buck. The ringleader of the company and her soul was a guy named Jimmy. The jokes of the young are sometimes even very cruel and this rally led to the accidental death of Donald.
  Five years have passed, Jimmy suddenly died and a company of former friends gathered to commemorate him. Each of them has a personal life & nbsp; already was, in which there was everything - love, separation, jealousy. At the party, they remembered school children and of course did not forget about that Donald. But what started happening later, led the whole company into horror.
  In a secluded house, where a group of former classmates had gathered, an unknown maniac killer appeared. The most terrible and sophisticated way he began to kill them one by one. The face of that person was hidden by a certain mask. Now young men need anyone at any price to save their lives and the main thing is to guess who the murderer is and why he avenges them. The tragedy, which took place in the past, necessarily strangely reminds of itself. Therefore, every member of the company felt the breath of death. Watch free movie horror Kill Game (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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