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The Throwaways (2015) HD
The Throwaways (2015)
Year, country:
Tony Bui
Peter Brooke, James Caan, Noel Clarke
1h 30min
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A dynamic thriller about a talented hacker. The action begins somewhere in the steppes of Kazakhstan. It is here that the noble hacker Drew Reindold, nicknamed Black Jack, the self-proclaimed Robin Hood of the World Wide Web, hacks the websites of extremist organizations. Most recently, he “hacked” a website masquerading as an ordinary news portal, picking up and training jihadists. After Drew places an American flag and a provocative inscription on their website, he receives a call from Virginia telling him that he has been spotted. The trailer, in which he was hiding all this time, is surrounded by special forces. Drew is captured and taken to the secret headquarters of the CIA, where it is reported that the terrorists have disabled the generator, and nearly three million Chicagoans were left without electricity. Agents have lost the encryption key that was used to run the code that caused the crash. Reinold is offered two scenarios: either the hacker starts working for the CIA, or he spends the rest of his life in prison."
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