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Innocence of Memories (2015) HD
Innocence of Memories (2015)
Year, country:
Grant Gee
Pandora Colin, Mehmet Ergen, Ara Güler
1h 37min
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In 2008, the Turkish Nobel Prize in Literature Orhan Pamuk released the novel “Museum of Innocence”, to the heroes of which, existing in the border zone between fiction and reality, was given a real museum in Istanbul: five floors of sweet melancholy and shaky memories clothed in photos , memoirs and ordinary things with special magic; in the audio guide sounds the voice of Pamuk. Inventive British documentary and clipmaker Grant G chooses an unusual dream-film genre in which the camera’s long drive through the night (only the night one — only at this time of day and the author and his characters feel alive) are as important to the city as few words; the document turns into a fantasy, love stories from different eras are found on the shores of the Bosphorus.