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Favorites Uncle Nick (2015)

Uncle Nick (2015) HD
Uncle Nick (2015)
Year, country:
Chris Kasick
Brian Posehn, Missi Pyle, Paget Brewster,
93 min/episode
Watch Uncle Nick (2015) online free in HD. Fun days surrounded by next of kin. The annual ceremony of gathering the members of the family at home with the elder brother promises many pleasant surprises, mind-blowing jokes and delicious dinners at the traditional table. Nika is lonely in his tiny apartment, and his eternal problems with being overweight and lack of communication with the opposite sex force the unsatisfied person to abandon the idea of inviting someone for a cup of tea. Intimate conversations with an outcast replace television programs, and earthly pleasures - food, and in large quantities. However, already on a visit to a more successful brother, who managed to marry a promising woman, who received huge compensation as a result of her divorce from her ex-husband, Nicholas feels unnecessary and too clumsy. No matter how the guy tries to make friends with his nephews, he is not good at being sociable and kind uncle. And then the hero Uncle Nick (2015) ignites a desire to ingratiate himself with the help of the youth dialect and popular habits among adolescents. If he can be useful and achieve his dream, you will know as soon as you start watching the movie online.