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Favorites The Ganzfeld Haunting (2014)

The Ganzfeld Haunting (2014)
Year, country:
Michael Oblowitz
Taylor Cole, Ryan Donowho, Toby Hemingway
87 min/episode//ok.ru/videoembed/33560070881
Another thriller "The Ganzfeld Haunting" by Michael Oblotitz, the creator of the top American films, which was screened in the world in 2014. The cast is very good. Their acting is great, makes you look more closely. The atmosphere of the film is sustained at a decent level, which in turn causes interest to watch the film to the end. The film begins with frames that make you tense and help listen to every rustle. The plot of the film is how the four students of the Faculty of Psychology plan to conduct an experiment that involves testing for supernatural abilities. To do this, they spend all weekend in a countryside abandoned mansion. The beginning of the trip predicts an exciting adventure. Taking with them a technique that allows you to record video and sounds, the guys can track all the actions that occur with them during the experiment. Having warmed his mind with drugs and alcohol, the characters observe inexplicable things in the house. What will young psychologists pay for their actions and what kind of events will happen to them in this mansion?
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