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Thor: The Dark World (2013)
Year, country:
Alan Taylor
Natalie Portman,
112 min/episode
About what the film "Thor: The Dark World (2013)":
Adventure fantasy thriller "Thor: The Dark World (2013)", based on the Marvel Comics comics, is a sequel to the film "Thor" published in 2011, and continues to tell about the incredible adventures of the god Thor, who has saved the Earth more than once.
After Thor won a victory over his brother Loki, and returned home, he was engaged in establishing order in all of the Nine Worlds. Not a day goes by without him remembering his earthly lover Jane. At this time, a new threat is hanging over Asgard, in the face of a very ancient enemy Malekith, who is stronger than even Odin himself, because in his hands are the power of Ether, which can turn everything around into dark matter. Many thousands of years ago, he already wanted to destroy all the Nine Worlds in order to return the Universe to its origins and plunge it into the abyss of chaos. But then Beru, Odin's father, still managed to defeat him. But can Thor win this time?
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