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Phantom (2013)
Year, country:
Todd Robinson
Ed Harris, Julian Adams, David Duchovny
98 min/episode
The plot of the film "Phantom" is based on real events that took place between the two superpowers - the US and the Soviet Union. Due to some political differences between the countries, a cold confrontation began to develop. In the epicenter of the Cold War, events took place in the watery abyss of the Pacific Ocean. The Soviet submarine, led by Captain Dmitry Zubov, receives a top-secret task - to release into the deep bowels of the Pacific Ocean nuclear weapons. Captain Dmitry Zubov with a heavy heart says goodbye to his family, feeling that this mission can be harmful for all mankind, but as a patriot faithful to his homeland and patriotic homeland agrees to fulfill the archival task. However, what is the bewilderment of the captain and the entire crew of the submarine submarine, when they meet their rivals in pursuit of their cherished goal ...
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