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Stomp The Yard (2007)
Year, country:
Sylvain White
Columbus Short, Meagan Good, Ne-Yo
1h 49min
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The film tells about the hard life of a simple guy Dee Jay, who grew up on the streets of Los Angeles. When he turned 19, his younger brother died. This tragedy caused Dee Jay to leave his hometown to escape from the past. He moved to Atlanta to achieve at least something in life and fulfill the promise he made to his brother before his death.
To begin with, the main character goes to a local university, where he slowly gets acquainted with the local African-American youth. In addition, he seriously enjoys a new style of dance - a special kind of step dance with an admixture of break dance. The guy quickly progresses, what causes admiration of others. Soon, Dee Jay immediately interested in two competing dance teams of Atlanta, each of which wants to lure him to his side. After all, on the nose of the prestigious championship steppe with a solid prize fund, and why not take advantage of the help of a talented beginner? The main character has to make a very difficult choice and decide with whom he is on the way. And after - light on the main dance arena of the country in memory of the younger brother.
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