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Chill (2007)
Year, country:
Serge Rodnunsky
Ashley Laurence, Thomas Calabro, Shaun Kurtz,
88 min/episode
   Traveling around the world Sam learned in the process of finding topics and images for his books. The hero of the film took up any activity in order to support himself during such sudden escapades and spiritual impulses. Here and for the job offer assistant in the grocery store from Dr. Manoz writer grasped as a very timely gift of fate. He needs to rest from the tedious wanderings, "moored" on the cozy shore, which this time turned out to be a doctor's shop. Having mastered the new role, the hero Chill (2007) suddenly begins to notice that the excuses of his mentor regarding the room temperature are more like fiction, the same one that the masters of the artistic word use for expression or mystical stories. It is highly doubtful that the strange shopkeeper has an atypical skin structure that causes a bad reaction during the heat wave. Having tracked down his patron, Sam finally discovers the stunning truth: Manoz died long ago, but he resurrected himself by resorting to magic. His skeleton is covered with the skin of other people - victims who did not know how the meeting with a benign doctor would end for them. Whether he will let go of a new student who has revealed his secret or turn a similar one in himself, you will find out for yourself if you decide to watch a movie online. Watch Chill (2007) online free in HD quality on freemovies4k.org
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