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Unholy Women (2006) HD
Unholy Women (2006)
Year, country:
Keita Amemiya Takuji Suzuki Keisuke Toyoshima
Noriko Nakagoshi, Yûko Kobayashi, Riko Suzuki
1h 24min
Unholy Women (2006) watch full movie horror, thriller, mystery online in HD - free movie on freemovies4k.org
Sinful women - a collection of three mini-stories in the genre of horror.
1. Gnash-gnash. The girl suddenly begins to pursue a terrible ghost of a woman in a red dress. She chases her, as if wishing to avenge something ...
2. Steel. A young Japanese man works as an assistant in a car repair shop. His life suddenly changes when his boss invites him to go somewhere with his sister ...
3. Heir. Having survived a difficult divorce, Saeko moves to the suburbs with his 7-year-old son. The shadow of her long-lost little brother hung over the house, and Saeko immediately begins to change ...