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Favorites Amazing Grace (2006)

Amazing Grace (2006)
Year, country:
Michael Apted
Albert Finney, Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Gambon,
1h 58min
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The film "Amazing Lightness" is based on real events that have turned the history of England.
The end of the XVIII - the beginning of the XIX century. England - one of the leading countries in the slave market. Economy, the state largely relies on the free labor of immigrants from the black continent, but the society is gradually beginning to develop doubt as to the correctness of this path.
William Wilberforce is a young and courageous politician who, in an unequal battle, fights against the system for the abolition of slavery. He is in the company of a few, but zealous supporters do not cease to excite the minds and peace of the nobility, submitting to the Parliament the relevant bills, for the time being not finding support.
Acquaintance with Olauda Equiano - a former slave who bought his own freedom, only sparked the fervor of Wilberforce, forcing him even more actively to promote ideas about equality in the masses.
There were people of different backgrounds in his team, but they all wanted one thing - to make England better by right reforms and turn its development toward freedom, not oppression.
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